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MBNM 150E [전화 상담]
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[제품 스팩]
polar pattern / source direction cardioid / axial
frequency response 80 - 20.000 Hz
sensitivity of field idling (1 kOhm, 1 kHz) 10 mV / Pa
s/n ratio rated at 1 Pa CCIR 61 dB
s/n ratio rated at CCIR 33 dB
equivalent SPL rated at DIN / IEC 73 dB-A
equivalent SPL rated at CCIR 21 dB
max. SPL at 1 kOhm 130 dB
electrical impedance 200 Ohm
phantom powering 48 V
feed current 1,7 mA
connector XLR / 3/8"
dimensions Ø 12/19 x 350 mm
weight 160 g
[제품 설명]
The MBNM 150 EL represents the sum total of our exhaustive research into just
what would represent the ‘perfect electret podium microphone’. The electret car
dioid capsule is mounted on a fully adjustable gooseneck. The 12 mm fixed cap
sule has extraordinarily well off axis rejection with built in compensation for the
proximity effect. Sleek industrial design with a gray Nextel finish make the micro
phone seems as visually transparent as it sounds! While an XLR serves as the
output connector, the microphone can shipped with a 3/8“ threaded sleeve with
a lateral outlet and a 3 m cable to the preamp. A wide voltage range is accomm
odated with extremely stable operating results.
Boardrooms, Courtrooms, Churches, Talkback
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