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US-902/MH-850(준비수량 3셋트)
    · 고객선호도 :
    · 제조사 : JTS
    · 판매가격 :
    · 포 인 트 :
    · 수 량 :

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[제품 스팩]
Frequency Preparation:  PLL Synthesized Control 
Carry Frequency Range: 
925 - 932 MHz
S/N Ratio:  >105dB 
T.H.D.(1 KHz)  < 0.6%@ 1KHz 
Display  LCD 
Dispaly Contents:  Frequency, Antenna A/B, RF/AF Level Meter 
Controls:  Power ON/OFF Squelch Level, Audio Level  
Audio Output Level:  -12dB 
AF Output Impedance:  600 
Squelch:  Pilot Tone & Noise Mute 
Operation Voltage:  12-18VDC, 600mA 
Output Connector:  2 Balanced XLR socket,
1 Unbalanced 6.3mm Phone jack  
Dimension(m/m):  480mm(W) * 45mm(H) * 232mm(D) 
Frequency Preparation:  PLL synthesized Control 
Carrier Frequency Range: 
925 - 932 MHz  
RF Outputs:  10mW  
Stability:  ± 0.005% 
Frequency Deviation:  ±48KHz  
LED Display:  Low battery, power ON/OFF  
Controls:  Power ON/OFF, Channel Up/Down 
Spurious Emissions:  <-50 dBC  
Audio Frequency Response:  50Hz ~ 16KHz  
Battery:  UM3, AA 1.5V*2 
[제품 설명]
* Preset 16 selectable UHF channels.
* The easy, affortable way to use with the PLL synthesized multi-channels.
* Diversity technology permits minimum dropouts in the RF link.
* Noise mute and pilot tone squelch circuit eliminate unwanted
signal and noise interence.
* Lock on function is provided.
* LCD display.
* Equipped with XLR balanced and unbalanced outputs.
* Tuned antennas extend the effective range of the wireless link.
* 1 U rack metal housing.
* PLL synthesized control.
* Preset 16 selectable channels.
* Advanced circuit ensures stable signal transmission.
* Tone-key squelch.
* Extended dynamic range and smooth frequency response.
* The durable plastic housing offers light weight .
* Internal antenna design. 

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