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  • 16-Channel Mixing Console
  • Max. 10 Mic / 16 Line Inputs (8 mono + 4 stereo)
  • 4 GROUP Buses + 1 Stereo Bus
  • 4 AUX (incl. FX)
  • “D-PRE” mic preamps with an inverted Darlington circuit
  • 1-Knob compressors
  • High-grade effects: SPX with 24 programs
  • 24-bit/192kHz 2in/2out USB Audio functions
  • Works with the iPad (2 or later) through the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit / Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
  • Includes Cubase Al DAW software download version
  • PAD switch on mono inputs
  • +48V phantom power
  • XLR balanced outputs
  • Internal universal power supply for world-wide use
  • Rack Mount Kit Included
  • Metal chassis
  • Dimensions(W×H×D): 444 mm x 130 mm x 500 mm (17.5" x 5.1" x 19.7")
  • Net Weight: 6.8 kg (15.0 lbs.)

To best-in-class

Sound that has stuck Yamaha consistently, it is none other than "sound faithful to the original sound." 
We consider rather than adding extra processing and coloring, what be provided to the engineer pure sound as much as possible the role of the Yamaha, and has been working towards its realization. It was built up carefully on the basis of these principles also this MG series. Challenge of endless sounds and parts, carefully selected by outran technology, to the new details and experience of mixing console development so far has created this new MG sound.

D-PRE (D-PRE discrete Class-A microphone pre-amplifier)

Influence the sound quality total basis, to suggest the direction of the mix is a microphone pre-amplifier is the entrance of the sound, it is possible to tilt the maximum effort there. 
That was the answer that we have reached. Discrete Class-A microphone pre-amplifier was created for this purpose is the "D-PRE".The microphone pre-amp premium Yamaha has developed for high-end recording equipment, has earned high praise from engineers of various fields and its sound quality is also equipped with a mixing console MGP series. Is in the circuit design secret of the excellent sound. I adopt the inverted Darlington circuit that has been used in high-end audio amplifier to D-PRE mic preamps, and by making the multi-stage configuration the amplifying element, the circuit has achieved low impedance and high current. A result, the sound will be able to base a smooth texture which gave luster tension and low-mid range, you feel a feeling of opening, the air and a natural, thick. The microphone pre-amplifier, while there is that depending on the application and how to use, do the coloring characteristic dare, those which amplify naturally as it is a characteristic of the tone of each to vary but, D-PRE is the character of truth in high quality With the aim to reproduce the "original sound fidelity", and is carefully tuned, finished with a flat frequency response over the entire frequency band. 
You can be amplified without leaving the sound of the original with the individual instruments and expressive power of the player, and the process proceeds in the shortest distance to the sound you envisioned.

Is in the op amp key to high-quality sound

The operational amplifier is a component that make up the microphone pre-amplifier, to be an important factor that affects the sound quality is a well-known fact. In developing the MG series, Yamaha has developed a custom-made operational amplifier "MG01" high quality new. Most op amps it is the world will focus on efficiency and electrical characteristics, but we've built up this op amp with an emphasis on "quality" first. 
MG01 op amp, I have confidence that optimizes the internal components and wiring, was developed to examine the material, such as copper wire and silicon wafers of high quality exhibit excellent properties further.

PAD switch and phantom power

The MG series, high-quality sound and wide frequency response is equipped with phantom power required to use a condenser microphone features. The PAD button to attenuate the level of the input signal is also equipped. Can be set to the proper input level without distortion in one-touch source of high-power be input, it provides a mix environment always clear.


Mixing, it can be expressed

is amplified by mixing console, all the good acting and classic so far been announced, has been processed by the equalizer and effects. In other words, through the collaboration of the mixing engineer and performer, sound impressive is born for the first time.
It incorporates several features to enhance the expressive power in helping to mix the Yamaha MG series.

1 Nobukonpu to approach the sound of professional in one knob 1

Experienced engineers if full use of compressor, sound is transformed into a more excellent. Vividly, punch effectiveness baseline, guitar is clearer vocal and snare, tight. Was represented by a knob of only one such technology is one of Nobukonpu Yamaha. Without it having to be connected to a compressor new addition, without having to learn the difficult operating principle and name, from the vocal instrument to obtain the optimal compression effect, providing a full-fledged sound. 
(* MG06X / MG06 is excluded)

High-pass filter and EQ

It is a thing which is indispensable to the making of sound equalizer as reliable. The MG series, in order to control precisely the various sources, and equipped with a three band EQ the mono channels MG10 above, granular more equipped parametric type capable of varying the frequency of the MID MG16 or more capable of making sound. Philosophy of professional audio design of Yamaha developed over many years has dwelled here. Also, remove the unwanted low frequencies, I was equipped to each mono channel high-pass filter for the mix operation clearer.

Aux / Effect send that can be used for flexible

AUX Send features the (MG06X / MG06 is excluded) in the MG series, you can send a signal recording equipment or external effects, to monitor system. In addition, I was also equipped with master send controls. 
The one system equipped with a stereo bus to MG10XU / MG06X / MG10 / MG06, the two systems or equipment 1, a stereo group bus / out, you can easily group of useful channel into the mix to other models. Assignable switch bus stereo / group, was placed next to the channel faders as easy to operate.

SPX Digital Effects

Effect process will sublimate into something more complete and richer sound. SPX digital multi-effects processor that is installed in the XU / X model, (MG06X 6 types), you can program are prepared, it is colored in various ways sound can be edited 24 type corresponding to every scene. It should be overwhelmed by the delay sound and the reverb high-quality and realistic nature. 
I can perform to turn effects on / off foot operation can still be realized by connecting FC5 foot switch optional. (MG20XU / MG16XU / MG12XU / MG10XU)

Mono input channels that can be used to maximize channel

Equipped with Neutrik combo jack famous for its high quality mono input, you can enter the signal of both line-level and microphone. I am equipped with the pad of 26dB corresponding to the source of high volume levels. Also equipped with a standard XLR terminal also stereo line input of MG12 or more, you can take full advantage of the channel.

Stereo input channel which does not choose the source

Stereo input was examined by the pin configuration model. Equipped with channel can also be used XLR terminal mono yet stereo channel, MG20XU / MG16XU / MG12XU / MG20 / MG16 / MG12 is, you can enter the signal mono / stereo line level, mono microphone level. Corresponding source is equipped with the perfect combination of stereo RCA pin jacks and phone jacks two more. (MG06X / MG06 2 phone lines of the two terminals)

Output channel of output flexible configuration

You tend to XLR out of main is omitted in the small model, but it was a wholly professional support and equipped with phone jacks and XLR connectors on all models. 
Of course, headphone jack, monitor out the MG10 or higher, and can output a flexible equipped with a group out to the MG12 or more.

LED level meter

LED level meter (7 points MG06X / MG06) 12 point to allow monitoring of the exact level is superior in visibility and displays with high accuracy output level.

Robustness also conditions of professional

Be exposed to harsh environments, such as recording live and in many cases, can cause the malfunction or failure Tomosuruto, mixing console, will shorten the life of the product it is. The mixing console excellent, it is necessary that the sound is good, of course, and robustness to keep on top of it in peace the site. Simply because it is Yamaha that you knew everything about the tour harsh environment, it has gained a track record in the studio for a long time, we achieve both durability and sound quality.

its robustness metal chassis is proud

To increase the impact resistance by adopting a metal chassis that has been powder coated, MG series, boasts durability than ever before. The optimal convection cooling designs stylish form is that it is not only thoroughly eliminated the influence of the noise to be isolated from the analog circuit and the power supply circuit, and extends the life of the internal components are internal layout further I have also contributed to. We also considered the position of the knob so as to disperse the panel surface impact according to the knob further, to absorb damage to the internal circuit board.

Reliable design that is particular about the details

Will help you understand your at its best at all times, has been designed paying attention to the part that is not outstanding intended for use in all aspects. For example, when you or rack-mounted or put it in a case and found to guard the terminal part by providing a projection on both ends of the body so that the scratched metal jack on the rear panel is in contact with the rack and case, pressure is not it takes You.

I adopt the built-in power supply

I adopted a built-in power supply of AC inlet type to power. In addition to allowing quick setting in the field of live sound, it will be possible to be installed in simple and setting up a rack in fixed installations. 
(* MG20XU / MG16XU / MG12XU / MG20 / MG16 / MG12)

Comes with rack mount kit (MG20XU / MG16XU / MG20 / MG16)

Considering the operability and transportation, rack ears necessary to rack mount is included with the MG20XU / MG16XU / MG20 / MG16 of the MG series. Is not only able to transport / safer to use the MG series by a rack mount of, you can place clearly be a fixed facility. * Optional rack mount kit "RK-MG12" is required MG12XU / MG12. * Space lowest 10U is required if you want to rack mount the MG12. In view of the connection of the cable, it is recommended to ensure the space of 11U or more. * It is recommended to ensure the space of 14U or more when considering the lowest connection 12U, the cable for MG20/16.

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